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PCB Design 2000 offers our customers PCB and Schematic Layout service using various design tools.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

We provide our customers full PCB Design service which meets IPC Standards including:

  • Single, double and multi layers Layout
  • Analog, digital or combination of both Layouts
  • Through-hole, SMT or combination of both Layouts
  • All types of placements including extremely high density boards
  • Manual, auto-routing or combination of both traces Layouts
  • All Designs may be RoHS compliant per request

All PCB Layouts may be done from the Netlists created in a Schematic or manually from the Schematic prints. Also, a Bill of Material (parts list) can be created from the PCB as well as from the Electrical Schematic that contain all component attributes that allow customers to order and assemble all parts per Assembly Drawings & specifications.

Upon customer request, we can create Part Data Sheets, which contain complete manufacturer’s technical information by customer part number.

Electrical Schematic (SCH)

We provide our customers with full Schematic Layout Service. All Schematics Layouts can be in Standard A, B, C, D and E sizes per IEEE Standard. All parts created per IEEE Standard contain Schematic Symbols, PCB Patterns, and Part Attributes. This allows users a fast, easy, and intelligent way of creating Netlist files for further loading to the PCB Layout. Software controls all modifications through the ECO process, and prevents discrepancies between Schematic and PCB. Various Schematic output drawing formats can meet any companies documentation Standards.

Customer outgoing Package may contain (example):

PCB Data Base (native) file PCB Data Base (native) file
Schematic Data Base (native) file Schematic Data Base (native) file
PCB Fabrication Package PCB Fabrication Package
PCB Assembly Package PCB Assembly Package




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